10 Reasons We Love… DEAN WINCHESTER

by Jen P.

1. Because…


I mean, dayum.

2. He’s not afraid to geek out.


3. That voice.


I’d follow you through the gates of Hell… in my underwear… atop a homicidal unicorn. Just say the word, gorgeous. Just say the word.

4. And how the heck does he keep up that rockin’ bod?


Because… PIE.

5. And stay lookin’ so pretty after all those fights?



6. And oddly…


I’m totally ok with this.

7. And I don’t care what they say about you and Castiel,


You hug it out boys. You just hug it right on out.

8. Because…


You never leave a lady wanting.

9. Also…


You can’t judge me when I polish off that bottle of Moscato. Which means a lot to me, because it happens often. Cheers, hotness. *Clink*

10. But if that wasn’t enough, then there’s this:


And this:


Now, take a few minutes from your endless hours of worrying about Sammy, and…


What do you love about Dean? I’m sure there’s more to add! Tell us in the comments.

Later, Geeks!

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons We Love… DEAN WINCHESTER

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  2. I started binge-watching this show about two weeks ago. I now have full appreciation for this list that I didn’t have at the time it went up. And yes, Dean Winchester is pure yum-liciousness.

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